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Holographyx Inc. was established in 1993 in response to the growing need for specialized holographic products in the consumer goods marketplace. 

Our vision was to capitalize on two unique attributes of holography:

Enhanced Product Performance and Heightened Product Security.

Our Story


Holograms are eye-catching. That's due their continually changing colors, their visual perception of movement, as well as their three-dimensional (3D) appearance.

Because they attract consumers' attention, holograms have demonstrated that they will enhance product sales and profitability. This has been found to be the case in the lottery industry where holographic "scratch-off" lottery tickets have consistently been found to increase sales by 15% to 30% vs. comparable plain board lottery tickets


Holograms are very difficult to duplicate. That is because of the highly specialized equipment that is required to produce them. Accordingly, holograms have been used on currency and credit

cards for many years to prevent counterfeiting.


It has been estimated that as much as $200 billion in counterfeit pharmaceutical products are distributed annually. The level of counterfeiting in this industry can be significantly reduced by the integration of holograms into the packaging of pharmaceutical products.


Holographyx Inc. developed and introduced the world's first holographic "scratch-off" lottery ticket more than twenty years



Since that time, holographic lottery tickets continue to be used

on an ongoing basis throughout the worldwide lottery industry.

That is because they have consistently proven that they will

enhance lottery performance by generating increased ticket

sales which will result in higher levels of profitability.


Holographyx Inc. has developed and patented the first blister-pack featuring custom holograms on blister lidding material that are designed to only be visible directly behind each pill cavity.   


Holo-Blister ® pharmaceutical holograms possess the unique

attribute of being able to be produced on conventional heat-seal blister packaging equipment.


Blister packs featuring Holo-Blister ® allow consumers to visually validate the authenticity of their pharmaceutical products.  The use

of  Holo-Blister ®  on pharmaceutical packaging will enable pharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce the level of counterfeiting that currently exists with their products.

Lottery Tickets


In 1999, working with the Hazen Paper Company, Holographyx Inc. developed the world’s first holographic lottery ticket. This $5 "scratch-off" game was printed for the Illinois lottery by Scientific Games Inc.  Since that time, Holographyx Inc., in conjunction with the Hazen Paper Company, has produced holographic board for a multitude of "scratch-off" games in 43 state lotteries in the United States, as well as for more than a dozen additional lotteries worldwide.


The growth of holographic lottery tickets has been fostered by obtaining and promoting performance information from a broad spectrum of lotteries across a wide range of gaming price points.  This has demonstrated that the incremental cost of the holographic material is more than offset by the additional sales that are generated due to the enhanced visibility of the holographic tickets. The increased sales of holographic tickets directly translates to greater bottom line profitability for the lotteries that are running holographic games.


Although typical sales increases of holographic games vs. plain board games range from 15% to 30%, a quantitative study conducted in cooperation with Scientific Games and the Tennessee Lottery found that the holographic game that was evaluated was able to generate a 79% sales increase vs. a comparable plain board game in a test that isolated holography as the only key variable:


Holographyx Inc. has developed the Hazen Profit Calculator © to demonstrate the magnitude of the incremental profitability that can be realized by lotteries using holographic games:  (US Version)  (Euro Version)


One of the benefits of using holography with "scratch-off" lottery tickets is that it provides lotteries with the ability to visually pull together games using multiple price points into cohesive families of games. These "families of games" have been found to perform exceptionally well.  This series, which was run by the North Carolina Lottery, outperformed comparable plain board games across all of its price points. With a typical game indexing at 100 , the three holographic games in this series generated exceptional index scores ranging from 165 to 197!


Holographyx Inc. in conjunction with the Hazen Paper Company, has been providing holographic board for an increasing number of "family of games" events throughout the lottery industry.



The Florida Lottery's best performing lottery ticket incorporated the Florida Lottery's logo into its visually impactful holographic background. 

Working with the Hazen Paper company, Holographyx has been marketing hundreds of custom holographic backgrounds which have been used by lotteries worldwide to enhance their sales and profitability.

Blister Packs

Blister Packs are a universal type of packaging that is used for the distribution of pharmaceutical products such as pills and capsules worldwide. The benefits of using blister packs, which include dosage control, product protection, and tamper evidence are significant, however to date, blister packs have not been adequately protected from pharmaceutical counterfeiting. 


Counterfeiting has been estimated to have a negative financial impact resulting in as much as $200 billion annually in lost revenues to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

Holographyx Inc. has developed its Holo-Blister ® product which now allows holograms to be efficiently applied directly behind the pill cavities of blister packs. 

Holographyx Inc. is currently working with the Hazen Paper Company to introduce its patented Holo-Blister® product to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.


Hazen Paper is the foremost holographer in the world today, having pioneered the introduction of holographic scratch-off tickets to the worldwide lottery industry in conjunction with Holographyx Inc. more than twenty years ago.  Hazen Paper has also designed and produced holographic packaging for a wide range of leading consumer products. For the past decade, they have also created and produced the holographic covers that are used by the NFL for their Superbowl programs.


Hazen Paper's state-of-the-art holographic design capabilities, combined with their large-scale production capacity make them an ideal partner for the introduction and production of Holo-Blister® lidding material to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. Holographyx Inc. has also been working with Uhlmann Packaging, a leading global systems supplier for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters, on the development, testing, and introduction of Holo-Blister®.


Prior to the development of Holo-Blister®, holograms would have either been destroyed or degraded during the blister pack heat-sealing process because they are extremely sensitive to heat.


Holo-Blister® can now significantly reduce the financial exposure of pharmaceutical companies to counterfeiting by visually validating the authenticity of their pharmaceutical products to their purchasers. This will ensure consumers that they will be receiving the safe and effective branded medications that they purchased.



                             Holo-Blister ® is a registered trademark of Holographyx Inc. 

                             U.S. Patent # 11,052,020 B2 - European Patent # EP 3532005

                                   with additional U.S. and worldwide patents pending.

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